springtime style for the modern hipster, volume 1 of 4


Being that everyone’s favorite groundhog has told us that spring has sprung, I thought you’d enjoy some attire I bought for this season….however, I live in Virginia, where you can experience every season in a week, so keep in mind it may vary where you are. I’ll be showing you 8 crucial parts of your wardrobe for spring in 4 posts. Hope you like it!

#1: Infinity scarves: infinity scarves are a crucial part of my style throughout the season. They’re loose, flowy and comfortable, perfect for anyone looking for a quick fix accessory to any outfit. Pair with a earth tone top, jeans, a messy bun and 3/4 up the calf boots for the perfect springtime outfit that’s simple but gorgeous.

infinity scARF

  Old Navy- $14.94

#2: Cardigans: slouchy or fitted cardigans are perfect for keeping it casual but classy. Cardigans give you the opportunity to choose your look: do you want comfortable, lazy day clothes or a formal cardigan? Pairing with a scarf, long necklace or large earrings are great (especially if you’re going for metallic earrings). For this season, 3/4 length sleeves are preferred by many.


 Mossimo Supply Co.- $16.99

Volume two will be up soon, so keep a lookout! Enjoy, lovelies. xoxo


welcome to my life.


i’m abigail, in case you haven’t noticed.

i’m on a mission, a mission that most people my age have deemed impossible; popularity and perfection. most certainly i’m far from perfect, but i’m working on the popularity thing. it’s made me wonder, who came up with this idea of popularity, anyway? by the end of my mission i’m hoping to figure it out. as for now, i’m just me. and this is my ratchet blog. so enjoy it, have fun with it. i’m not one to be stubborn or stiff, so loosen up a little at least while you’re checking out my blog.


maybe you’re a teenager, just like me. maybe you have the same dream as me; to be gorgeous/handsome and popular. and if we work together, maybe we can even break the stereotype of popularity. i know everyone has their cliques; i’m in several. music, sports, writing. we all have our own talents, and i want to help you express  them in a way in which you’ll be confident with yourself and happy with it. don’t be scared to ask me anything, i’m always here to help. maybe we can talk sometime, if you wanna:)

maybe you’re a parent. maybe you’re looking at me as a way to understand your teen….and you’ll very possibly find it here. i’m one myself, and i know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in conversations with your parents, and how uncomfortable it is to talk to a teen about getting older. and i only want my readers to improve themselves and their lives through reading it.

maybe you’re a doctor from the mental institute. maybe you’re delving into my personal life because you think i’m some insane loser with a princess-like multiple personality. and i can understand that. so let’s just leave that on the table there, sound good?


alright. all that’s left to say; enjoy my blog, lovelies. i only wish the best for you from today on.


your favorite princess, abigail